x the base

x the base, Rub Kandy, Mimmo Rubino, Rome 7/'10
Tnx: Diego Benini (assistant) and Luca De Gennaro (assistant and Backstage Photographer)




May 2011 Post update:
Anamorphosis Series Words about...
An illusion is described as a false mental image or conception which may be a misinterpretation of a real appearance or may be something imagined. Hence, It may be pleasing, harmless, or even useful. A hallucination however is a completely groundless, false conception, belief, or opinion, caused by a disordered imagination; it is particularly frequent today in the pathological sense, according to which it denotes hearing or seeing something that does not exist. So it is sometimes difficult to define whether art is creating an illusion or a hallucination in your mind when it is viewed. This type of art can lead to many questions and weird conclusions. You may think you see some bathroom panels and a load of bathroomfittings but is that what you are actually seeing at all? Are they really in the art or is something else underlying? Reality is turned upside down. Whatever it is that artists conjure up in our minds, these particular artists have done it extremely well. They have taken to the streets and displayed huge forms of hallucinatory art for the world to judge. Here are what I consider to be the best…. Working in alleys and abandoned parts of Rome, Italy, the artist who’s also known as Flickrub holds symmetry in high esteem as he executes his deceptive street art in thick white paint. Giving trippy three-dimensional form to shapes and objects that do not exist, the optical illusion graffiti of Mimmo Rubino achieves a true trompe l’oeil. [http://www.freakonomics.in/art/jaw-dropping-hallucinatory-street-art/ ]