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Rub Kandy (Mimmo Rubino) is a an Italian artist and graphic designer. He always tries to do different things, focusing sometimes on techniques, sometimes on emotion, often on visual Identity. With an experimental approach, Rub explores ways to make art with different doses of aesthetics elements. His ingredients are graphic signs, solid forms, physical and conceptual ready mades, color, stories, symbols, elements of our visual culture, words and letters, techniques, neurosis, religion, culpability, memory, stubbornness, etc. Artist reveals and shares his creative process with Artchipel’s audience:
"I’m not working on identifying my brand but prefer to move by analogies, switching between paths. My creative method follows therefore two paths. One as a designer that is a clear line: from Problem to Solution, from Constraints to Resources… be exact! The other is a neurotic, dark line: Use an unsuitable material, express your rage, do something random… wait until the last minute! I like to build solid foundations to support my weak sensations, I like to design accurately broken machines." The best word to explain how Rub work is probably "Crossover". Please visit artist’s website
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