"A Pinata Party. Picking over the carcass. Reena Virk. A girl, fourteen, caught in a deep plunge of self-esteem. She just wanted to be part of the gang. The cool club. But she became a victim of adolescent ritual. Virk is like Greece. A people slightly foreign to mainstream northern Europe, its people a little darker and swarthier, more Mediterranean. Ostensibly, Virk lived in an idyllic sector just outside Victoria, British Columbia, an ideal middle-class neighborhood. It began when she was lured to the park. Greece was lured to the park. Offered cheap credit, a kind of subsidy to consume European goods, running a deficit funded by the North.The alpha female states. For Virk, it began when someone stubbed out a cigarette on her forehead, which began a sequence of beating and torture than finished the following dawn with her death. When she was found a week later submerged under water, all that was left was a few scraps of underwear. Greece is also being beaten and tortured. Not part of the gang. Used. Its expendable."
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